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Dec 7, 2013 7:00pm EST
have consequences in terms of politics and elections, and we have seen that. also, in terms of tension and all kinds of things. i made a mental note to follow-up, and i never did. one of those things 245 reporters just move on to the next story, so when i heard about this, i thought this was in many ways a perfect follow-up bus everything that they said would happen in suburbia, and not far from here, i don't know if you have been there, but sussex is 60 miles, patchhook is 60 miles from new york city, and this situation was going on so near -- actually between new york city and the hamptons, and maybe not so many loss, but so many people from new york drive to the hamptons every weekends that maybe they don't look sideways and think, you know, this is going on here. these people are our neighbors, and it's happening right next door to us. that's the second reason i was attracted to the story, and the third reason, because as you know, i'm an immigrant myself. i came from cuba when i was 16 years old, a boarded a boat named manana, and i wrote a book about it called "finding manana," a
Dec 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
world. elected officials, and this is all over the books, they were very careless and what they said. they talked about not only illegal aliens, that supporting the children of immigrants who cross the border. one of them said, and so it just became sort of fair game. if you heard one of the things i read from a young woman in high school, the media played a role in this. and so, i think it was just this was the environment in which they grew up. >> [inaudible] you pointed this out in the book and somehow [inaudible] there is a healing process going on in this tragedy but there are many other places they don't go to any kind of awareness. you move further away from manhattan and upstate new york you find much more of this. when you explored this rhetoric of hatred and the kind of thing in this case we are saying they were kids, 16, 17-years-old, they were probably hearing things at home and on the radio all the time and on facebook you can post anything on immigrants and have ten or 15 people saying the exact same thing. it's the extent you've been able to reflect this and get some w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2